Pound Sterling
Pound sterling
King Offa
King Offa

The pound sterling is the world's oldest currency still in use and has been in continuous use since its inception by King Offa 1239 years ago.
Offa Coin
Offa Coin

Pound Coin
Pound Coin

It is still ranked in 4th place for trading.

King Offa 780

The King of Mercia England, in the latter half of the 8th Century, began the minting of the earliest English silver pennies. The pound was divided into 20 shillings and 240 silver pennies.

Story behind Sterling
Libra Scale
Libra Scale

Its name derives from the Latin word Libra for weight or balance, via the construction Libra Pondo, meaning a pound weight. The '£' symbol, is an ornate letter 'L', and the abbreviation for the unit of mass, lb (pound) because its value originally equated to the price of a pound of silver not gold.

Coin Shield
Coin Shield

The reverse of the modern coins form a sheild.
The emblem of Rule Britannia
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