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Alec Jeffreys 1984

Inventor Alec Jeffreys
Alec Jeffreys
Born9 January 1950
| Age 70

Professor Sir Alec John Jeffreys born (9 January 1950) in Oxford, Oxfordshire, England is a geneticist at the University of Leicester. In 1984 through his investigations he discovered a method of showing variations between individuals' DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), inventing and developing genetic finger printing.
What is so beneficial for crime investigation is that DNA for profiling can be extracted from almost any human cell, including blood, semen, skin, saliva, mucus, perspiration, roots of hair, and even old and dried out samples.

Genetic Finger Printing
Alec Jeffreys Eureka moment
Alec Jeffreys Eureka moment

An X-ray film image of a DNA experiment unexpectedly showed both similarities and differences between the DNA of different members of his technician's family. He realized that it was possible to develop this into a form of DNA finger printing, using variations in the genetic code to identify individuals.

DNA fingerprint
DNA fingerprint
ITV created a drama based on this story called ‘Code Of A Killer’ - Trailer. The drama, featuring John Simms as Alec Jeffreys, follows the first person convicted using DNA, Colin Pitchfork in September 1987, and Richard Buckland the first person to be exonerated using DNA.
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