Inventor Alfred Bird
Alfred Bird
Born25 August 1811
Died15 December 1878 | Age 67

Alfred Bird 1837

Alfred Bird was born in Nympsfield, Gloucestershire, England in 1811. He invented Bird's Custard Powder in 1837.

He was a food manufacturer and pharmacist. He set up a chemist's shop in Birmingham in 1837.
Apple Pie & Custard
Apple Pie & Custard


Alfred's wife, Lady Bird, was allergic to egg and yeast but she adored custard. Alfred Bird set about trying to find a way of formulating an egg free custard for his wife. After much experimenting he found that cornflour powder would thicken to form a custard-like sauce when mixed with milk and heated.

Birds Custard
Birds Custard

He formed 'Alfred Bird and Sons Ltd' and later went on to create a formula for Baking powder, blancmange powder, jelly powder, and egg substitute.
Alfred Bird Plaque
Alfred Bird Plaque

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